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Last Updated: 12th April 2024
Sunset Way, District 21 Singapore is a cluster of HDBs and freehold structures that occur in the KI residences. In Clementi region the Sunset Way is just a subzone. In the eastern conclusion of American Singapore may be the residential community and development part of Clementi. It lines east and west of Jurong, Queenstown, Bukit Timah and north east in Bukit Batok.
In acceptance of Friend Cecil Clementi Johnson the District of Clementi was established. Clementi Johnson and an excellent Chinese scholar were the governor of the Straits between 1887 and 1893. The swam spanned all the Clementi district and villages included in agriculture and house industries in other areas.
Somehow, Sunset Way is an invisible present, since so often road consumers get the Clementi Street from Ulu Pandan Street to School, School or Holland Community, but they could perhaps not discover it. The bulk of people who realize the farm own cattle in the west because of split government facilities. The area is mainly held by horses.
Sussex Estate’s current place was Avenue 1. The title of your home is Sussex, England’s beloved county. In the mid 1950s, the location became the house of the people of English prime officers. After the major reconstruction of Clementi in early 1975, the Sussex House, demolished in 1997, was the only real component of predevelopment remaining in the region.
The camp in Colombo was after a big clementi area. The year the camp began isn’t set and the only real file on the territories is that there were troops in the Singapore Defend Regiment which was recognized in 1948. The Colombo camp was presented unchanged in 1971 for the next four years next the disintegration of the regiment.
The New Town of Clementi was built-in the former camp region between 1975 and 1979. In 1974 HDB began removing the planet earth and fixing the metropolitan community impacted, with many projects and amenities to upgrade the land.
One of typically the most popular landmarks of the location may be the stael truss railway bridge to Ulu Pandan Sungei. The proposal was created allowing the transport of finished goods and things between Jurong and Malaysia included in the Jurong KTMB Railway Line. The railways released in 1963, in 1966 they certainly were the first. At first of the 1990s, prepare connections to Jurong were shut down and kept functioning for nearly 40 years. Musicians, nature and record fans specifically utilize the forgotten paths on the rail.
The clementi new zone is currently the greatest residential district of Clementi. It contains mostly western countries. Largely it has been settled. The brand new settlement is flanked by Clementi Avenue to the west and by Clementi Path to the east and Sunset Way House to the north. The Sunset Way may be the northern part of the area.
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✅ Tranquil Sunset Way Estate Bungalow Enclave
999 Year Leasehold Tenure
✅ Lush Landscaping + Landed Unblocked Views
✅ 340,104 Square Feet of Land
✅ 660 Exclusive Units

🍃12 Storey High, Exclusive Units 660 units weave harmoniously with the tranquil surrounding.

🍃Spacious KI (気) Inspired Theme
2, 3, 4 and 5-bedrooms designed with optimum functionality and essentials in mind, from 700sf to 2239sf.

🍃North-South Orientation.

🍃A store in every unit, to cater family’s need for storage or display of your beloved collectibles.

🍃Panoramic views of Bukit Timah Hill & Sunset Way Bungalows

🍃Surrounded by Nature & Tranquillity

🍃Developed By Hoi Hup & Sunway